Products in development

BIORIDIS product is an innovative assay (LIVELMIA), protect by IP, specifically designed to allow high-throughput analysis of miRNA. This is possible thanks to a brand new target recognition system and innovative probe molecules, analogue of natural nucleic acids, which exhibit ideal characteristics to hybridize target miRNAs more rapidly, with high affinity and specificity compared to other solutions. The biological stability of these probes allows investigations directly in biological fluid, biopsies and in living cells. 

Ev Power Marker: Innovative kit and reagents for biochemical quantification of biomarkers, in particular miRNA, on various types of tissues, for applications in the field of biomedical R&D and IVD. This product is designed to be used on easily available equipment, largely disseminated in laboratories. (TRL6)

Live Mir Power. Reagents for cellular studies: allow to study miRNA in various types of tissue focusing on single living cells, allowing to select and/or separate positive cells for further studies as a homogeneous population. (TRL4)