LIVELMIA for DNA and RNA analysis

LIVELMIA is a revolutionary assay for nucleic acids analysis developed in the last 6 years of high-risk research. Our innovation enables our product to outperform the competing solutions addressing key user needs, boosting nucleic acids research in very important fields of medicine. The novelty of the LIVELMIA is based on the unique design of our probes for high specificity and sensitivity in targeting specific nucleic acids.
LIVELMIA is an affordable and easy to use assay that cuts down total time of analysis to <90 min

 LIVELMIA advantages

• Ease of use: No sample extraction/purification and preparation, analysis directly on the sample; easy procedure (only 6 steps), no need for highly qualified staff.
Time saving: Reduced testing time; method with total time for analysis < 90 min and hand-on <10 min for RNA.
High biological and chemical stability: assay components do not degrade in a biological sample, reagents are stable and easy to store.
High affinity and specificity: Increased reliability, consistency, accuracy of RNA analysis thanks to greater affinity and specificity for the target.

Products in progress

We are developing new products for  quick and easy to use detection of bacterial and of genes responsible for AntiMicrobial Resistance (AMR): QE-AMR assay.

We are developing a new product for viral genome analysis, including SARS-COV-2, rapid and without the need for extraction/purification step.