Quick and easy RNAs detection

Innovative kit for detection and quantification of RNA specifically optimized also for detection and quantification of microRNA.

LIVELMIA kit assay was developed and successfully tested in different samples: cell lysate and extract, serum, plasma and saliva.

LIVELMIA kits are based on our innovative LIVELMIA method, protect by IP, specifically designed to allow high-throughput analysis of miRNA, RNA. The biological stability of our probes allows investigations directly in biological fluid, biopsies and in living cells. 

LIVELMIA kits are designed to be used on easily available equipment, largely disseminated in laboratories. Standard laboratory equipment and a microplate reader are required (luminescence recommended) to perform the assay, optionally microplate shaker/incubator. 

BIORIDIS developed a software (GEN LIVELMIA), based on LIVELMIA method, features, for the rapid design of the best kits given a target sequence.

BIORIDIS can provide its own kits for each type of RNA (mRNA, ncRNA, circRNA, tRNA ...)

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