BIORIDIS developed a software to rapidly design optimized assays on custom RNA targets, Gen (generation) LIVELMIA. It identifies the best nucleotides sequence on a target RNA, to quickly respond to customer requests with the most performing molecular probes.

BIORIDIS with Gen LIVELMIA and the years of experience of the team in oligo design, offers a custom made service for the design and/or production of peptides and PNAs (peptide nucleic acids).

Strengths of service:

  • We can design the best probes on customer needs, thanks to our ten years experience, collaborations and the ability to test internally

  • We have synthesis systems that allow the conjugation of different molecules (e.g. peptides, fluorochromes, ...) to better adapt to analytical systems desired by the customer

  •  We can synthesize probes designed by client

  • We evaluate together with customer the best quality/price to better accommodate his needs

  • We are available to evaluate collaborations for research projects at regional, national and international level