Innovative reagents/kits for use in biological and biomedical research laboratories
Innovative diagnostic tools to improve the clinical use of RNAs to support doctors
Our products guarantee speed, reliability and ease of use unique in the market

Bioridis arises from the need of biological R&D and molecular diagnostic laboratory to reduce costs and increase productivity. In basic research, drugs development and diagnostic it is increasingly important to have avaible fast, powerful and easy-of-use tools (kits and reagents) to reduce cost and increase productivity.

More effective analysis tools allow to reduce healthcare systems costs and improve quality of life, through:

  • Cheaper diseases studies;

  • More precise drugs efficacy evaluation;

  • Earlier and more specific diagnosis;

  • Use of new biomarkers and innovative methodologies;

Bioridis provides the market with consumables (reagents) for biomedical applications in molecular and cellular biology. Bioridis offers custom made design and production of products upon customer request, which may also include R&D activities.