LIVELMIA Technology for DNA and RNA analysis

LIVELMIA is a revolutionary assay for nucleic acids analysis developed in the last 6 years of high-risk research. Our innovation enables our product to outperform the competing solutions addressing key user needs, boosting nucleic acids research in very important fields of medicine. The novelty of the LIVELMIA is based on the unique design of our probes for high specificity and sensitivity in targeting specific nucleic acids.

example of LIVELMIA technology application

 Key benefits LIVELMIA technology

High specificity and High affinity

High biological and chemical stability

LIVELMIA Technology applications

Bioridis has implemented the LIVELMIA technology in a wide variety of assays for the analysis of microRNAs, bacterial mRNAs related to AntiMicrobial Resistance (QE-AMR) and viral genome, including SARS-COV-2.

As a result of this expertise, BIORIDIS introduced to the market: the LIVELMIA kit.

To support customer on RNA research we have developed: the Gen-LIVELMIA