10/2022 Bioridis is proud to be selected as one of the 10 start-ups to progress to the finals of InnoStarsAwards 2022

02/2021 Patent application extension in EPO, USA, China

10/2020 Start of product development for applications on detection of nucleic acid of bacteria and viruses.

08/2020 Italian Patent Granted

09/2019 H2020-SMEInst-2018-2020-1 grant winning, for  clinical application of our technology (LIVELMIA)

08/2019 PCT patent filed

06/2019  Headstart 2019 by EIT health grant winning, for developing microRNA assay

08/2018 Italin Patent filed 

5-6/03/2018: BIOINITALY boot camp,  Milano

21/11/2017 Start Up Day 2017 Università Bocconi 

11-13/11/2017; Torino, Meet In Italy for Life Sciences 

01/05/2017 Affiliatione with Toscana Life Science  

22/11/2016 Start Up Day 2016 Università Bocconi

28/10/2016 Started R&D activities

06/10-15/11/2016 Training Camp Università Bocconi

07/2016 Creazione e start up di nuove imprese CCIAA BO

03-10/2016 The Startup Training Università Bocconi 

11/01/2016 Costituzione Bioridis SRL

03-04/12/2015 PNI (Premio Nazionale Innovazione) 2015

26/10/2015 Tech Garage Start Cup Emilia-Romagna 
3rd classification; prize 5.000€ 

09/07/2015 Premio Sandro Campetella 
Selezionati per elevator picth finale. Premio corso di formazione

Final Pitch for InnoStars Headstart 2019 Grantees, in Lisbon
Award ceremony Start Cup Emilia-Romagna
Start Up Day Bocconi 2017