O-GenSi (Oligo for gene silencing)
BIORIDIS your reliable partner for gene silencing

Thanks to years of experience in oligo design and synthesis, BIORIDIS offers a custom-made service for the design and production of oligo-PNAs (peptide nucleic acids) for gene silencing: O-GenSi.

BIORIDIS support in the design of the best oligos using the Gen-LIVELMIA software for gene silencing. BIORIDIS support in the use of oligos for your studies.

O-GenSi advantage in gene silencing:

High chemical and biological stability: resistance to chemical and enzymatic degradation (proteases, nucleases)1.

 High specificity and affinity: ability to target mRNA, ncRNA and miRNA also distinguishing isomiRs and pre-miRs, antigene approach2-3.

Easy-of use: no need for electroporation or other chemical system for cell delivery2-3.



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