Quick and easy RNAs detection

Innovative kit for detection and quantification of RNA specifically optimized also for detection and quantification of microRNA.

LIVELMIA kit assay was developed and successfully tested in different samples: cell lysate and extract, serum, plasma and saliva.

LIVELMIA kits are based on our innovative LIVELMIA method, protect by IP, specifically designed to allow high-throughput analysis of miRNA, RNA. 

LIVELMIA Kit is an affordable that increase laboratory productivity, is easy to use assay that cuts down total time of analysis to <90 min


LIVELMIA kit: only one kit for performing the assay from sample to results.

LIVEMIA kit is supplied with buffers, reagents and procedures for performing the assay from sample to results. LIVELMIA kit includes all reagents to perform 96 reactions. LIVELMIA kit is ready to use and provided in a simple ELISA-like format, for easy implementation in the laboratory workflow.

Key benefits LIVELMIA kit

Ease of use

No sample extraction/purification and preparation, analysis directly on the sample; easy procedure few simple steps, no need for highly qualified staff.

Time saving

Reduced testing time; method with total time for analysis < 90 min and hand-on <10min for RNA

High specificity and sensibility

Increased reliability, single mismatch specificity, accuracy of RNA analysis thanks to greater affinity for the target.
LIVELMIA workflow


BIORIDIS developed a software (GEN LIVELMIA), based on LIVELMIA technology, features, for the rapid design of the most performing best kits given a target sequence.

BIORIDIS offers a cheap, fast and reliable custom made production service for your target RNA. BIORIDIS can provide its LIVELMIA kits for each type of RNA (mRNA, microRNA, ncRNA, circRNA, tRNA ...).

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