CEO/Scientific director: Andrea Tortori Ph.D

Ph.D in molecular biology and biotechnology

Master Degree in biotechnology

He has significant experience in the design and production of analogues of nucleic acids, and biochemical systems. He has several experience in the scientific and administrative management of the laboratory (5 years). He worked in the group of the University of Parma organic chemistry under the supervision of Prof. R. Corradini, an expert in the chemistry of analogues of nucleic acids, in particular PNA, with scholarships for the synthesis, design and study PNA and for gene therapy that as tools for analysis of nucleic acids in vitro and in vivo, also developing fluorescent molecules. The group collaborated with prof. Nielsen creator of the PNA. In 2007 he started his PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Perugia with advisor Prof. Aldo Orlacchio. In the first two years he has dealt with the study of protein and miRNA biomarkers in AD (supported by the Italian Ministry of Health) and the study of stem cells and biomaterials. In 2011 he received his doctorate with a thesis entitled "Study of peptide nucleic acid (PNA) for the selective inhibition of the oncogene MYCN". From 2009 to 2015 atworked in a start-up in the field of pharma (Biogenera Spa) as R&D/Production manager, has organized, managed and developed the laboratory of R&D and production (responsible for a team of 5 people, management of economic resources and collaborations). Furthermore management of technical relations with the Italian Superior Health Institute (ISS), GLP labs for preclinical studies, supplier relationships and consultants to implement the production in GMP. For more details.

CFO: Mia Minashvili, 

Master Degree in International Business

She has participated in  a training course on design and management projects for Horizon 2020 in Bologna. She has participated in seminars and courses on management and the launch of start-ups. She worked several years for the georgian economic development institute (GEDI), advisor to the Georgian Ministry of Economy. She has acquired experience in administration and accounting in the Russian company in the field of distribution and sale of food products. She is mother tongue Georgian and Russian, has a fluent Italian and speaks English.

R&D and production manager: Nicolò Rossi

Master Degree  in Industrial Chemistry

During his bachelor degree, he worked on recombinant proteins preparation and purification, for applications in the field of optimization of experimental vaccines. He received his master degree in industrial chemistry (2014) with a thesis on latest generation nucleic acids analogue and their design, entitled “Reduced conformational freedom PNAs”. He has been working on the same issues, managing the research and development activities in a privat pharmaceutical research lab, developing inhibitors for oncogenic genes. Working experience in the pharmaceutical field has allowed him to improve the ability to organize independently the synthesis of PNA and scale-up of solid phase production processes.